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VŽDY LEPŠÍ VOLBA Kabely-shop.cz

About us

The current dynamic manufacturing program is particularly focused on manufacturing, development and increase in end-use properties of the non-halogen fire retarding conductors, extra-flexible cables designed for industrial applications in the robotics, cables for the BUS systems, cables for the measurement and control and recently for the cables designed for automobile industry as well. Our range of manufactured non-halogen cables includes as well power cables and communication cables with a viability of E30 and E60, respectively. Following the environmental requirements, we gradually begin to use unleaded materials. Our goal is to manufacture the cables and conductors of a premium quality in compliance with the strictest standards and guidelines.

Kabelovna Chyše, however, does not only limit itself to the production of standard types of cables. In order to satisfy the demand at the market as well as requirements of our customers, we are developing and manufacturing cables, which conform to individual needs of customers with respect to the special technical requirements and designs.

The superior quality of our products and processes is the necessary and primary condition of our activity. We consider the quality as a delivery of the product which fully corresponds to the mutually agreed technical specification, for an agreed price, within the agreed term and to the agreed place including the necessary technical assistance and professional consultancy.These complex requirements can be achieved using the quality control system according to EN ISO 9001:2000. The result of the implemented quality management system is our complex control over the key product attributes which are used for a continuous quality improvement and management work.