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Kabelovna Chyše o.z.

Since 1992 the Kabelovna Chyše has significantly extended its manufacturing and storage areas, increased its manufacturing capacity by another complete production line for insulation and coating together with other machines and equipments which are necessary for a high-quality cable manufacturing.

The company Lamela Electric, a.s. Kabelovna Chyše branch with tradition of its production of more than 30 years has established its stable position on the market in the Czech Republic as a manufacturer of the cables and conductors. The commencement of the production in Chyše dates back to September 1970, at that time as a plant of the Kablo Hostivař company. At the beginning, our company was interested in manufacturing of low-frequency cables and cables for the aircraft cockpit networks, drawing and tin coating of a Cu wire. Since May 1992 the Kabelovna Chyše has become a branch of the joint stock company Lamela with the registered office in Susice and with the genuine Czech registered capital. To make orientation in the Lamela, a. s. focus of activity clearer, the official name of the company was altered to Lamela Electric, a. s. in November 2004.